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Evolution Gaming has recently developed a live casino game that became one of the most entertaining among other proposals in a short period. This live slot called Crazy Time was presented during the ICE conference in London, Great Britain, in the gambling category for 2020. Apart from the enjoyable nature of this game, Evolution Gaming claims that Crazy Time game was worth the investment. A huge amount of money was spent on its development for more than a year.

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crazy time bangladesh

Basic Crazy Time Rules

Crazy Time rules are not very different from standard live casino & slots:

  1. Registration is mandatory. Without it, you will not only be able to play but even follow the Crazy process.
  2. Place your bets within 10 seconds. Betting is not the easiest thing here, so in the beginning, it’s better to decide how much and where you bet in advance. If you accidentally bet on the wrong sector, you can move the chip with your deposit to any other. An important condition is to do it in 10 seconds (countdown timer is always on the screen). Once the wheel stops, you will no longer be able to change your bets.
  3. When you have the opportunity to bet on the screen, select the sector that is supposed to be next. You have a choice between 8 characters including:
    • Numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10: are the multipliers of your bet.
    • Pachinko, Cash Hunt Coin Flip, and Crazy Time bonuses: each mini-games offer surprises that allow you to win big multipliers.
  4. After placing a bet, you can accumulate multipliers. Crazy Time live stream offers a bonus mini-game before every game called “Top Slot”.
  5. If you were lucky and your bet played, the money is credited automatically. But now you need to pass verification at the casino (desirable one which has approval from gambling commission: e.g. Malta gaming authority). Usually, it’s a complicated process but required to ensure your privacy and security.
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Crazy Time – Live Online Game Show Features

📈 Crazy Time RTP 94.41% – 96.08%
💸 Minimum stake 10 BDT
🎰 Best Brand To Play in Bangladesh PariMatch
🎮 Provider Evolution Gaming
🎲 Demo Game NO
📱Mobile Version YES

Features of the Crazy Time Bonus Game

  1. Possibility of playing simultaneously 4 games (Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time) in just one without additional deposits.
  2. Live casino games with real hosts, which usually communicate with the audience.
  3. Top Slot – a feature that allows an additional one random multiplier.
  4. Bright colors and charismatic hosts make the process much more enjoyable.
  5. Crazy Time live casino combines not only 4 different games, but also various principles: random selection of numbers, live dealer, spinning the main money wheel (and Top Slot above the money wheel), heads and tails, etc.
  6. Crazy Time history which shows information about your previous bets and their constituents.

How to Play a Crazy Time Live?

  1. Start with Crazy Time registration. It’s a required process you cannot neglect. Without registration, it’s impossible to start the live casino game (in some casinos even to watch the game).
    • Choose the company which has online casino Crazy Time in its arsenal. This company you register in must be legal in Bangladesh. Otherwise, you won’t be sure about your security of data and funds.
    • Register by providing the company with your personal information (usually email and phone number).
  2. Next step is depositing. If you desire to start playing Crazy Time with real cash, just top up your account with any available suitable option. If not, just skip this step.
  3. Find Crazy Time live casino section. Use the search bar above to alleviate the process. After just click on the “Play” or “Start” big red button.
  4. Check your Internet connection. If it’s unstable or slow, you won’t see the good quality of the game show. This can worsen the impression of the process.
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Bonus Games: Bet Options

If you don’t want to spoil the experience of a pleasant Crazy Time casino game, learn how to place random bet spot correctly. In general, they look like ordinary chips located at the bottom of the screen. Each of them has a certain number that determines the amount of the bet. You can put such chips on any segment: their number is not limited. In total, the following values ​​are available:

  • 10
  • 50
  • 100
  • 500
  • 2,500
  • 10,000

What are Your Chances of Winning in Crazy Time Bangladesh?

RTP (Return to Player rate) averages 95.41% on Crazy Time. This value is slightly above average. However, you still need to be careful with the money you invest. Of course, the stated maximum prize you can win at Crazy Time gambling is €500,000. But don’t think that after a few rounds you are guaranteed to hit the jackpot. Remember the rules of responsible gambling and do not try to make money at the casino.

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Segment RTP
1 96.08%
2 95.95%
5 95.78%
10 95.73%
Pachinko 94.33%
Cash Hunt 95.27%
Coin Flip 95.70%
Crazy Time 94.41%

Bonus Games in the Crazy Time BD

The multitude of popular games today is making the players more and more demanding. Accordingly, selection bias depends fully on its features. Crazy Time did a real good job by creating the most attractive and remarkable peculiarity. It allows any player either to get the prize immediately or to catch the opportunity to start a bonus game. There are 4 bonus games that are completely various: Cash Hunt Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time.

Bonus sector The maximum multiplier The maximum deposit
Cash Hunt x25,000 12,500 BDT
Pachinko x10,000 12,500 BDT
Coin Flip x5,000 25,000 BDT
Crazy Time x20,000 10,000 BDT
Video Slot x50


Cash Hunt

cash hunt bonus

If you’re lucky enough and get the relatively rare bonus, Cash Hunt, the game presenter goes to another slot machine in a room. It looks like a shooting gallery dotted with all the multipliers – 108 items. Each section has its random multiplier, usually from x5 to x500. Do not try winning multiplier by observing: in every game, the sections are mixed, so you cannot be sure about its value.

How to Play Cash Hunt?

  1. Wait until the host comes to the Cash Hunt slot. The appeared controlled target on the screen means that you can start choosing your aim.
  2. Move your own target to the desired multiplier covered by the card. You are given 10 seconds to complete it.
  3. After the time expires all the cards will be gone, so you will see the chosen multiplier. This value will multiple your deposit appropriately.


pachinko bonus

Pachinko bonus has an additional place to play as well, which is also located in the same room. It is called the “Pachinko wall” and looks like a usual wall with several physical pegs in there. The lower part of the wall has its section every of which has different multipliers. It seems quite obvious where the puck lands, but nothing is pretty simple. In real life, these pegs can drastically change the ball’s direction.

How to Play Pachinko?

  1. The only condition to start playing Pachinko is to place a bet on it during the usual game. If the Fortune Wheel’s peg has stopped on the Pachinko sector – the game starts immediately.
  2. This game round doesn’t depend on your Crazy Time strategy or luck, because the ball is thrown by a host. You can just watch it falling to multipliers and hope for the biggest one.
  3. The multiplier eventually chosen by the ball will be applied to your deposit. But even that’s not the end. If you get the x2, do not worry that it’s too small: you will have a second chance. And the second throw will decide your multiple. In addition, that x2 won’t expire: if the Top Slot has given the Pachinko a certain multiplier, it will be doubled and added to the second Pachinko one.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip has the basics of heads and tails. Like other bonus games, Coin Flip is also situated in the same room on another slot. The two-sided coin with blue and red side is the object which decides whether you’ll get one of two multipliers or not.

How to Play Coin Flip?

  1. If you’ve placed a bet on Coin Flip and it was dropped, the bonus game will start automatically.
  2. Here you should just choose the color (red or blue) which is expected to be dropped.
  3. After the result with the multiplier is shown, your deposit will be appropriately increased.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is the rarest bonus round in the whole game. If you’ve got – you’re really lucky. This special interactive bonus round takes place in the separate room to which the host passes through the red door. In the center of this big room no less giant wheel stands. This Bonus wheel has 3 times the number of arrows colored green, blue, and red, which will choose you to win.

How to Play Crazy Time Bonus Game?

  1. Be lucky enough to get the “Crazy Time” on the usual money wheel. Right after it, the host goes to the red door room with the bonus wheel.
  2. Choose the color of the arrow. It will decide your future multiplier amounts. As usual, you are given 10 seconds to complete it.
  3. See the host spinning the Crazy Time wheel. Right afterward it will stop and you’ll see your winning. Just multiply your deposit with the amount.
  4. As in the case of Pachinko, game Crazy Time also has a feature: when falling on a Double or Triple section, the wheel Crazy Time spin again, and x2 or x3 will be applied to the Top Slot respectively.

Video Slot & Top Slot

crazy time video slot

Do not be surprised if during the game you see some kind of screen with re spun numbers above the main wheel spin. This is another feature of live Crazy Time – a Video Slot (Top Slot) add multipliers to the dropped sectors. It starts automatically, so you can not influence it in any way. And if you’re lucky, your won multiplier will be multiplied by the video slot’s one.

Main Peculiarities of the Crazy Time Bonus Games

Launched relatively recently, Crazy Time casinos have 4 unique great bonus features, each consisting of certain bonuses, features, and multipliers. For Evolution Gaming, it is this blend that will improve your retention rate and provide a treat worthy of a real TV show. These bonus rounds are the most distinctive feature of a track casino Crazy Time:

  • Cash Hunt
  • Pachinko
  • Coin Flip
  • Crazy Time

Each aspect of the game offers a whole fun spinola park that the player will be able to discover gradually, depending on perseverance and curiosity. This extensive offer will force the player to spend a lot of time in a fun virtual world.

Payouts for Crazy Time

Crazy Time payouts are the funds you can get by placing the right bet. But here you should know that there are certain restrictions on both the deposit and the withdrawal. Accordingly, the smaller the multiplier, the larger the deposit, and vice versa. That is, the numbers suggest you bet more, unlike bonus games. In the table, you can see more information about payments.

Sector Payout
1 1:1
2 2:1
5 5:1
10 10:1
Coin Flip Up to 50,000,000 BDT
Pachinko Up to 50,000,000 BDT
Cash Hunt Up to 50,000,000 BDT
Crazy Time Up to 50,000,000 BDT

crazy time limits and payouts

Strategies to Win in Crazy Time

Many players, even truly addicted to the process, still want to make good money. But keep in mind: the game is completely based on randomness or chance, so it is unrealistic to predict the sector unless you are a seer. But to optimize your chances of winning at Crazy Time Casino, you have the option to take advantage of a few tricks. These 3 tips strategies will ensure safer and above all better Crazy Time results. But even they cannot guarantee 100% winnings.

Loss Limit

The first option is to limit your losses. To do this, you should balance your bets. For example, bet on 4 bonuses simultaneously, as well as on the numbers 10, 2, and 5. Thus, by balancing the amounts present on different boxes, you will be compensated when the wheel stops at one of them. Moreover, when you win, you can double your bet and win more if you wish. With this strategy, all segments must be bet equally small amounts. In case of failure, you can lose a really large amount.

Bet on a Number

The strategy is that you only bet on one number. Usually – 2. By betting more often on it, you are more likely to win your bet. Indeed, according to statistics, very often the digit 2 is on the wheel. Hence more likely to fall and make you a winner. Doubtless, the remaining numbers 5, 10, and 1 are present, but less often. But it will also be a good option to bet only on bonus games because they are always winning. Even if you lose for a while, the bonus game with the largest multiplier will help you win. So it’s up to you to choose: either a number or a bonus round.

Crazy Time Statistics

This method is quite similar to the previous one, but you have to analyze it yourself. You can rely on math and statistics to figure out which number comes up the most in Crazy Time slots. But again, no one can provide you with a 100% guarantee that a certain sector will fall out, even hosts or a provider. According to the Crazy Time results today of the games, there are approximately the following statistics:

Sector Sector Drop Probability
1 37.01%
2 25.91%
5 13%
10 7.4%
Coin Flip 7.4%
Cash Hunt 3.7%
Pachinko 3.7%
Crazy Time 1.85%

Pros & Cons of Crazy Time Game

Pros Cons
Simply aesthetic pleasure – the croupier Crazy Time is a professional in his field. And it’s nice to watch his polished actions. Moreover, most often she is a pretty and sociable girl. With unstable Internet connection it can be impossible to follow the game.
Bet size – any gambler can afford to play in a live casino. The minimum stake is only 10 BDT. Sometimes live chat with other players can carry insults that administrators do not fight, because they cannot watch over.
Honesty – you are watching the game that is physically taking place in the room, so you will definitely notice some suspicious moments. Although the format of work is 24/7, sometimes the game may not be available due to technical work or failures.
Players from Bangladesh can start the game without problems.
All games are based only on randomness or on a case, which allows you to be sure of its honesty and impartiality.
You can play anywhere and anytime. Dealers communicate in the most popular language in the world – English, so many viewers will understand their speech.


What is the Maximum Win? 

The maximum win is the biggest theoretical amount of money you can get if luck is on your side. The maximum win of Crazy Time is 50,000,000 BDT.

What is the Minimum Deposit? 

The minimum deposit is the smallest amount you can bet on any of the sectors. The minimum deposit of Crazy Time is 10 BDT.

What is the Game Number? 

During the casino game process, you will notice digits on the colorful sectors. These numbers - 1, 2, 5, and 10 - are multipliers for your bet. They are called game/account  numbers.

What is the Crazy Time RTP? 

RTP of the Crazy Time game is the "Return-to-Player" option, which gives the percentage of money return on long distances (1000+ spins). The maximum value of Crazy Time RTP is 96.08%, and the minimum one is 94.41%.

Is there a Chat in the Online Game? 

Yes, any player with an account can participate in communication during the game process. Moreover, even hosts read this chat and answer the questions from time to time. If you want to speak with customer support, not the players, you also can do it here.

What do Statistics Mean in the Game Interface? 

Crazy Time stats is an essential part of the game. It shows you not only your recent winnings/losses but also every occurrence here. If you have doubts about using it, start by reading the strategies and options that can be helpful.

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